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Candle Lamps, Lanterns & Candle Warming Plates

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This uniquely designed collection of Candle Warmers includes the Aurora Candle Warmer Lamps… the Hurricane Candle Warmer Lanterns and the Halo Lighted Candle Warming Plates. Each design is a beautiful complement to every décor. The Warmer Lamps and Lanterns house a special warming bulb that melts the candle wax from the top down and safely fills the air with luscious fragrance without a flame or trail of smoky soot. The Halo Lighted Candle Warmers feature a slim design that includes distinctive halo LED lighting on the inside edge, giving it a mesmerizing light show effect. They are a fun… fanciful gift at a super terrific price. Each design is created to accommodate candle jars and containers ranging in size from 12 to 22 ounces, and although the cord is not shown they plug into a standard wall outlet. Don't forget to order your favorite fragranced candle to go with new warmer!  Enjoy… from Firelight Treasures!



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