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What is "Fair Trade"?

What is "Fair Trade"?

“What is Fair Trade?” Fair Trade is a social movement that focuses on bettering the lives of the individual producers of market goods. Their philosophy is based around monitoring international trade legislation to ensure that wages are provided for workers that reflect their work. This is often the emphasis when major corporations pay workers pennies an hour in one country, instead of paying them reasonable wages in another. Fair Trade pushes to regulate trade to ensure that workers not only survive, but thrive. Also, working conditions be safer, and their means of production be environmentally sound. Instead of deforestation, environmentally sustainable trees like Neem might be used, and chemical waste is strictly prohibited. This is achieved through open dialogue, transparency, and respect for the Earth and its many inhabitants.

When an artist is paid well and is employing his craft as a skilled artisan, the quality of the final product is about a 1000% better than someone that is cranking out piece after piece without concern for the quality of the work. So, you can rest assured that:

For you, Fair Trade means your supporting authentic artisans and their skilled craft, so you know you’re getting a product that is made with care and consideration where the end product is beautiful and well made and of superior quality.

You’re also supporting a healthier happier environment for the artisans and their families while contributing to making the way you would like to see in the world a reality.

Start your journey today knowing you are getting the very best, fair trade, small business Himalayan salt product-Guaranteed!


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